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Upgrade your knowledge at Arcada Further education

The importance of adult education and further education for persons in working life is constantly growing as a result of the fast changes, which occur in society and in global trade. Globalisation has resulted in an increased internationalisation of Finnish work life, which also requires better knowledge and higher qualifications of the work force in Finland in order to be competetive in the tough international competition.

Arcada Further Education is responsible for the further education programmes and courses at Arcada.

Arcada Further Education helps to fulfil Arcada’ s general objectives by offering customised personal development services for business and public sector personnel.

Forms of Education

Further education is arranged primarily within Arcada’s own fields of education, i.e. technology, ITC, media, commerce, tourism, languages, health care, and social work.

Arcada Further Education is giving high quality education for adult professionals having a bachelor degree or college degree and relevant working experience.

In planning courses, the centre strives to take advantage of the expertise of Arcada’ s teaching staff as well as that of outside exoperts and consultants from the business sector and public sector. Personal study plans, together with various forms of tuition arranged in the day and the evening as well as on weekends and during the summer, enable flexible and effective studies.

The following forms of education are provided:

  • Specialisation: in-depth studies, 30 ECTS credits, after graduation at a polytechnic or at institute level with relevant work experience.
  • Privately financed education without official financing for businesses and organisations
  • Open Studies provides the opportunity to pursue studies at Arcada without enrolment at Arcada.
  • Shortterm courses
  • Seminars
  • Projects


After passing a course a certificate is always granted for free in the same language as the course was conducted in. For a fee, Arcada Further Education also provides former students with various documents and certified copies of course certificates. The cost for a certificate or certified copy is 20 € + 5 € postage costs.

Export education

At the beginning of the year 2017 Arcada UAS decided to expand the activities of further education under the umbrella of export education. The rationale behind this is that Arcada anticipates that this is the fastest way to develop tailor made products for the export education. Moreover, the cooperation within the field of further education in the long term will provide opportunities to enter new markets and to sell customized products like curriculum development, degree programs dual degree programs, online courses, simulation training in healthcare, e-business competencies, and advanced pedagogical methods.

In May 2016 Arcada , which was represented by Lars Wessman, Head of Further Education and Faisal Shahzad, International Business Development Director visited Pakistan in order to identify partner Universities and to determine which products they had an interest in.

As a result of the trip Arcada UAS signed five distinctive Memorandums of Understanding on cooperation on a business trip to Pakistan in May 2017. The five extricate partners are following:

1: University of Education

2: University of Management and Technology (UMT)

3: Bahria University

4: Superior University

5: Khyber Medical University

Univ of Edu.JPG

After the trip we have actively been communicating with partners from Pakistan and as a result of that University of Education has agreed that Arcada UAS will conduct “Pedagogical Leadership Training” 3 ECTS module for faculty members of University of Education in January 2018. In fact, this first-ever Finnish based model training will be stepping stone towards start building the long-term relationship and sharing knowledge in other fields e.g. Healthcare, Business management and analytics, IT, Engineering and Media as well.

In fact, conducting the same course in other partner institutions in Pakistan is under consideration.